How to become a San Francisco pedicabber in 10 steps.
Overview: prepare for 2-3 weeks and $400 upfront.
  1. Apply via link at the bottom of this page.  Schedule an interview with Cabrio Taxi. Receive a contract.
  2. Pick up your 3-year driving record at a local DMV.  You’ll need a CA driver’s license. Locations here.
  3. Fill out the SFPD Pedicab Operator’s Application.  Find it here.
  4. Withdraw a money order from your bank for 293 dollars.
  5. Obtain two passport photos. Locations here.
  6. Bring the above to the SFPD permit office on 850 Bryant and take the SFPD test.  Study guide here.
  7. When notified, go to your SFPD Permit Hearing on Wednesday at 1pm.
  8. Go to the Tax Collector at City Hall prepared to pay around 60 dollars.
  9. Register as a self-employed business of the City of San Francisco for $25.  Form here.
  10. Complete a pedicab safety training. Now your ready to ride.

If you are interested in applying for a pedicabbing position, apply here.


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